"we have to write stories and myths  about our past. We must write of our history, or novels will not be written about us in the future." 

Butterfly Dream

A fictitious novel based on actual events. I decided I wanted to write a story about a young aware gay boy who just happens to survive the worst life has to offer and still comes out happy and in love at the end.

At 86 years old, Banat Frantz recalls the first 21 years of his life, growing up Jewish and gay in Hitler’s Germany.  He brings the wisdom and perspective of nearly nine decades to the observations of his younger self, laying waste to the delusions and madness of the times.

In Jewish camps throughout Europe, Banat befriends the last of Germany’s Jews to realize what was happening – the movie stars, producers, directors, writers and other artists who were formerly pampered and influential. 

They form a brilliant, triumphant cabaret that became the most acclaimed in Europe.

Even in the grip of Nazi control, Banat explores his emerging sexuality and falls in love. Soon, he is swallowed by the great darkness of Auschwitz, and among the most profound horrors in history he learns to seek survival in the most private, flickering corners of his heart.

Dave Lara

The Authors

War On Repose

This is my second novel. I have a publisher and anticipate an early 2017 release date. I call this a narrative nonfiction novel because the  events are based on my life. In a sense it is a mini biography, but one that covers a very specific time.

David Lara was 14 years-old when his father tried to kill him. The shocking event launches a story that begins with struggle, leads to war and hurtles to revolution.

Though the world vilifies him, and he and his friends are the targets of military witch-hunts, he finds strength and confidence in the life he is forced to build, and comes to embrace.

This is only the beginning of a life that will change the American landscape.

“War on Repose” is a journey from Da Nang to Stonewall. 

Dave Lara

Dave Lara

DavE Lara